One of the ships that is employed in connection with the construction of the offshore wind farm, Kriegers Flak, in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea, has just called at the Port of Kalundborg. The ship in question is the Norwegian owned offshore supply vessel Havila Jupiter.

As Havila Jupiter with a draught of 8 metres is not able to call at any Danish Port, the ship owner together with the ship’s agent in Denmark, GAC Group, decided to sail to the deep water port in Kalundborg, when repairs of a plough were necessary.

The Norwegian offshore vessel has a 10 X 17 metres big plough mounted, which the ships uses for making channels in the sea bed for the electric cables from the offshore wind farm.

Havila Jupiter “parked” berthing with the sternpost against the quay, and the plough was transported ashore for the repair job with the help of a set up delivered by the BMS Group.

After the repair job was completed, Havila Jupiter went back to Kriegers Flak to continue the work there.

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