Information for the yacht owner and visiting sailors

All prices incl. VAT.

Space rent for yachts

Rate level I – kr . 4.000,00
Rate level II – kr . 2,900.00

Electricity and tickets for visiting yachts

Kalundborg port vending machine for electricity cards is located on the west side of the grey houses by the Kalundborg Boat Guild club house. You can by tickets for visiting boats and access cards for bathrooms in the vending machine ( DEPOSIT dkk . 40 , -). You deposit the amount you expect to use for bathroom access and electricity consumption during your stay.
When you depart insert the card in the vending machine and you will be refunded the remaining amount if any.

Crane assistance for hauling and launching of yachts and sailboats for winter storage.

Hauling with mobil boat hoist dkk. 762.50
For hauling/launching associated with high pressure : Crane assistance dkk 1,012.50
Cleaning straps after high pressure cleaning dkk. 443.75

Hauling is carried out at the earliest 11:00 and launching at 13:00 at the latest on the same day , weekdays Monday – Friday.
The amount can be paid directly at the port office or bank transfer to the following account : 4343 4690380692
The amount must be Kalundborg Port in hand no later than the day before the haul.

Storage winter / summer

Winter storage is from 1 October to 30 April.
Summer Storage is the period 1 May to 30 September.
Storage in the port area – dkk. 1,262,50.00 per . season
Deposit for temporary winter storage dkk. 1,250.00
Temporary winter storage per week kr . 125,00

Mooring for visiting yachts per . day :

Yachts under 12 m dkk 135,00
Yachts over 12 m dkk 165,00
Yachts over 20 m dkk 260,00