The West Harbours Boat Guild was founded in 2006. There are now over 100 members. The goal of the boat guild is to make boating more pleasurable, and to share experiences with others, as well as to promote good social behaviour on the docks.
The Port of Kalundborg has made an agreement with West Harbours Boat Guild, that the Boat Guild will be responsible for collecting moorage fees from guest sailors, while at the same time maintaining order on the docks. The code for access to the toilet and showers is given out at the same time that fees are collected.

The West Harbour has been given reciprocal harbour status.

You can by tickets for visiting boats and access cards for bathrooms in the vending machine ( DEPOSIT dkk . 40 , -).
The harbour can be quite rolly, as there is a lot of traffic with ferries, pilot boats, etc., and for that reason it is recommended that boats are not tied too closely to the docks, and to have adequate mooring lines.
The boat Guild sells diesel fuel at the town’s lowest price.
The opening hours are limited. Call the harbour watch at +45 30 30 24 75

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