The preliminary preparations have been completed and the actual construction work in connection with New West Port has begun. NCC Industry A / S (Hercules Fundering), who won the land-based contract, has started work together with the subcontractor Zøllner.

During October, NCC Industry A / S (Hercules Foundation) has been busy constructing an interim quay, a kind of artificial island, which is built in the water just off the New West Port area. It is connected to land via a dam and will be used for unloading building materials such as stone to be used during the construction process.

On shore the coastal forest has now been removed and 15 selected trees have been repositioned in the planting belt that is to be located just south of the port area. The 15 trees have been supplemented with new trees, which are planted between the old trees. Together, the trees will act as a guiding line for bats on their way further out on the Asnæs peninsula.

The contractor has also established temporary builders’ sheds for the workers at the eastern end of the New West Port. At the moment, it is mainly people from the subcontractor Zøllner, who are out there. Right now they are working to establish the access road to New West Port. An access road that leads into the port area will be built, and two roads will lead from this access road down to the quayside. The road that is being established at the moment is the access road to the quayside.

In addition, the contractor is working on the stone setting of the western pier. When the western pier has been established, the construction of the eastern pier will commence. This is scheduled to take place in January. In parallel, we will begin to pump sand into the hinterland.

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