Port of Kalundborg is taking a decisive step towards its vision of growth through a €26 million port expansion. The largest deep-sea port and hub for container transports and industry in the Greater Copenhagen-area is about to see the light of day.

The Danish Port of Kalundborg is about to start an expansion of the already existing 800.000 square metres. Next year the port in the western part of Zealand, Denmark, will begin the building of 330,000 extra square metres with 500 metres of dock and 15 metres of water depth in order to increase the feeder- and container traffic and attract new international industry. A €26 million investment. The new port area is called “Ny Vesthavn” and will contribute to strengthen the entire business cluster of Kalundborg.

”Deep water is an important future issue, and we want to invest in the future. But we have run out of space for port-using companies to establish themselves. In order to fulfill the enormous growth potential of the port and the area we will now expand with more square metres and water depth enabling new companies to settle as well as securing the port and the surrounding business cluster to keep contributing actively to further development,” says the Ports CEO, Bent Rasmussen.

With global companies such as Statoil, Novo Nordisk and Novozymes, the business cluster surrounding the Port of Kalundborg is the largest and most dynamic industrial area in eastern Denmark outside of Copenhagen. The cluster contributes to Kalundborg being one of the areas in Denmark with the highest growth as well as a breeding ground for continuing development.

The new port area will create space for a further growth boost in the area. Through out the whole process, the maritime cluster and all other business stakeholders in the area have supported the investment as they consider it a decisive investment for reaching even higher growth numbers in the future. And it is important for the port to help pave the way for the business partners to achieve their growth targets.

”It is the highest priority for us to keep strengthening the infrastructure, expand the business space and improve the facilities for existing and new port-using companies in order to support the already viable business environment in the Kalundborg-area. We consider ourselves a foresighted port and we want to help preparing existing and new business partners for the future,” states Chairman of the Board at the Port of Kalundborg, Jakob Beck Jensen.

Port of Kalundborg will begin the building project in the summer of 2017 and expect the new port area to be fully functional from the fall of 2018.

Caption: Ny Vesthavn holds 330,000 square metres, 500 metres of dock and 15 metres of water depth, which is unique for Zealand and the Greater Copenhagen area.


  • Ny Vesthavn will spread out over a minimum of 330.000 square metres on the south side of Kalundborg Port.
  • 60,000 square metres will be used for dock, roads, parking facilities etc. The remaining 270,000 square metres will be made available for port-using companies.
  • Part of the plan is to move the existing container terminal from the present dock area to Ny Vesthavn.
  • Project Ny Vesthavn has been approved by all relevant authorities and environmental agencies.

For further information please contact Director of Kalundborg Port Bent Rasmussen at +45 23 24 06 80 or br@kalundborghavn.dk.

For press photos, press texts or other enquiries please contact Fie Nadja Vedsmand at EHRENBERG Kommunikation at +45 28 15 88 97 or fv@ehrenberg-kommunikation.com.

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