A new extensive port area west of Asnæs Power Station in Kalundborg Fjord is under construction. New West Port adds an extra 330.000 square metres to Port of Kalundborg, expanding the harbour to a total of 1.1 million square metres when the construction is finished in 2019. All of this, to meet the potential for growth and development and to ensure that the harbour and the surrounding business cluster continue to contribute positively to the employment and business development in the region. Companies located at Port of Kalundborg have access to one of the largest industrial areas in Denmark near the capital. New West Port offers a location close to the quay and with no nearby residential areas, giving room for growth, state-of-the-art tank facilities and much more.


330.000 new square metres

The 330.000 extra square metres at Port of Kalundborg is advantageously located outside the city centre and with an appropriate distance to residential areas. Furthermore, the local district plan allows companies to build up to 38 metres from the ground. A reasonable infrastructure provides easy access to highway E20 and Route 23, which will be of benefit for companies situated in the harbour area.

Square meters

Positioned right next to the T-route

One of the port’s most valuable strengths is the central location right next to the deep-sea route in the Great Belt, linking the Baltic sea and the North Sea, providing an optimal sea connection between Kalundborg and central markets.


15 metres water depth

Ships in the Baltic Sea are getting bigger and stretches deeper, which sets capacity requirements that few ports today can honour. New West Port becomes Zealand’s only deep-water port with 15 metres depth. The deep-water basin extends along the entire 500 metres long dock which is built as state-of-the-art port facilities. Thus, constituting New West Port as a safeguard of your company’s supply chain and export markets in the future.


Business-friendly municipality

With the construction of New West Port in a business-friendly municipality and with distance from city and residential area, there are optimal operating conditions for companies based in the new port area. Among other things, the municipality guarantees prompt case processing. The local district plan is ideal for companies in need of space, making it possible, for example, to build tall constructions.

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We have since expanded the facilities and converted parts many times. The cooperation with the municipality has always been very constructive and productive. They are very supportive of the local industry. Not only the municipality shows a great business climate. The port itself is also an important partner. Working with the port is fantastic. They are eager to support and always offer constructive solutions