The largest ships that can enter the harbour:

Length 300 m, beam 35 m, and draft 9.6 m.
Length 240 m, beam 35 m, and draft 11.6 m.
Inner harbour: length approx. 140 m, beam approx. 20 m, and draft 9.5 m.

New West Port:

Length 500 m and draft max. 10.4 m.
Length 300 m, and draft between 10.4 and 14.4 m.

Tidal range

The difference between mean high water and mean low water is 0.4 m.
A NW storm can result in a mean high water
of up to 1.3 m, and a SW storm can result in a mean low water of 0.9 m.

Speed restrictions

Maximum of 5 knots, or the lowest possible steering speed if that exceeds 5 knots

Harbour area

The marine areas belonging to the harbour are defined by the following lines:
a) On the west: A N-S line between 55º 40.73´N, 11º 04.80´E, and 55º 40.165´N, 11º 04,80´E.
b) On the N and E: The harbour’s breakwaters and coastline.
c) On the south: By the harbour’s breakwater, and, from Kalundborg Harbour pier 17’s (Statoil pier E) NW corner, parallel to Statoil’s main pier, at a distance of 130 m, to 55º 40.165´N, 11º 04.80´E.

Special regulations

To insure safe clearance between ships, those ships that are equipped with VHF radios, while on passage to or from harbours in the Kalundborg Harbour area on the route between Kalundborg and Asnæs NW-Flak, must maintain a radio watch on channel 16.
When underway, ships over 100 registered gross tonnesshould, for those inbound, when passing Asnæs NW-Flak, and for those departing,
immediately after leaving the dock, report the passage or departure on VHF channel 16,

For navigation within the harbour area, the rules for navigation in certain Danish waters, found in the declarations by the Danish Maritime Authority, apply, with the following exception:
That the departing ship shall wait for the incoming ship.

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