REGULATION for navigating in Dokhavnen

Ships that are not calling Statoil Pier E are only allowed to navigate in Dokhavnen after contacting Port of Kalundborg for a permit.

When navigating in Dokhavnen, quay 15, when there is a tanker docked at quay 17(Statoil pier “E”) the following must be upheld:

1) Speed must be reduced to an absolute minimal maneuvering speed well before entering.

2) The max. runway width is reduced with the width of the tanker. a)

3) If arriving ship size or other issues poses risks for safe passage the arriving ship must await departure b) of the tanker at quay 17.

4) If 2 ships arrive at the same time for quays 17 & 15 the port authority in Kalundborg  will determine which ship has the right of way.

5) If a delay or loss of time occurs because of ship at quay 17 or other matters, neither Port of Kalundborg nor Statoil A/S can be held responsible.

6) The above also goes for departure from quay 15.

7) One hour before passing quay 17 all entering and departing ships must call the Statoil pier on VHF channel 12 to inform about the maneuver.

a) Schedule for free maneuvering width.


b) Port stays are expected not to exceed 18 hours.

Kalundborg Havn d. 06.11.2014
Godkendt 06.11.2014

Bent Rasmussen
Port Director

Arne Rydahl
Port operation assistant

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