The Port of Kalundborg is Denmark’s biggest port for grain export, and with a water depth of 15 metres it is Zealand’s only deep water port. With a location at West Zealand right next to the Great Belt, the port has a strategically good location close to the T roue, the deep water route that connects the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. We have expanded the port area with the New West Port, which is a new port area of 330,000 square metres with a 500 metres long quay and a water depth of 15 metres.

The Port of Kalundborg is a self-governing public port, led by a seven member board of directors, of which five are from the municipal council. The daily leadership is under the direction of the port director. Economically, the port functions as an independent economic and legal entity without public subsidies. Profits are invested in maintenance of infrastructure and development of port facilities.

The Port of Kalundborg’s mission is:

The Port of Kalundborg is one of Denmark’ most significant ports.

It is the mission of the Port of Kalundborg to facilitate the development of business in a global economy by being a growth engine that creates jobs and gives Danish businesses access to efficient transport by sea to the right price.

The Port of Kalundborg is local port for West Zealand’s industry as well as an all-round regional port for the whole of Zealand because of its outstanding water depth of as much as 15 metres, and because of being ice-free all year round.

Kalundborg is also a business cluster with possibilities of location for bigger industries with a need of a location in a port.

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