Food and Veterinary Border Control

The Port of Kalundborg houses a Border Control Point for import of food and products of animal- as well as non-animal origin operated by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

The border control operation is conducted according to EU legislation regarding border control points and national regulations, including declaration no. 1810 of December 3rd, 2020, about border control points, inspection centers, and control points.

Containers for control will only be handed over to the importer after the control is completed.

Rates for use (excl. the rate of the Veterinary and Food Administration)

The veterinary fee per container                                                          DKK 1,500.00

Delivery for control                                                                              DKK 800.00

In certain instances, the Veterinary and Food Administration will need assistance from stevedores in connection with the control of the goods. In those instances, only stevedores that the Port of Kalundborg approves can carry out the task.

Approved stevedores for the border control

APM Terminals Kalundborg


Phone: +45 89348830

Schultz Stevedoring


Phone: +45 54340532

The border control facilities have the following opening hours

Monday – Thursday                   8am – 4pm

Friday                                              8am – 3pm

In periods without service, staff is not expected to be present at the border control

The Border Control has the following hotline: +45 72276338 (The hotline may be used outside of opening hours if no staff is present)

The border control post has the following e-mail address:

The border control facilities are approved for the following use

POA-HC (1)(2) – Incl. organic control                  

POA-NHC (1)(2) – Incl. organic control

PNAO-HC (food) (1)(2) – Incl. organic control

PNAO-NHC (feed)-NT (1)(2) – Incl. organic control

PNAO-NHC (other)-NT (1)(2) – Incl. organic control

POA-NHC-NT (1) – Only liquid fats, oils, and fish oils


POA: Animal products, compounded products, breeding material, animal by-products, hay, and straw.

-HC: Products for consumption

-NHC: Products not intended for consumption

PNAO: Products of non-animal origin

-HC (food): Food of non-animal origin

-NHC (feed): Feed of non-animal origin

-NHC (other): Products of non-animal origin, which neither is food nor feed (Ex. plastic kitchen utensils from China/Hong Kong)

-NT: No temperature standards

-T: Frozen/cooled products

(1): See further specifications in space 7 (see comments after each type of approval)

(2): Only packaged products

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